BlackBerry QuranExplorer Ver. 1.0

BBQuranExplorer is a Quran application for Blackberry device which gives us the ability to read and search through the Holy Quran in 5 languages (Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Bosnian, and English).

If you like this program and would like to value our effort, please make financial donation to Mandalawangi Scholarship, as follows:
Mandalawangi Group
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
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If you make a donation, please confirm to Mandalawangi Group.

In order to install the application on your Blackberry device, you just have to download the BBQuranExplorer.jad file from a browser on your Blackberry device and follow the installation steps.A user manual in pdf format is provided for download as well. Thank you and enjoy using the BBQuranExplorer

The download link is provided below

Download BBQuranExplorer


To download the user manual for this application click on the link below

Download User Manual

Click the image below if you want to watch the video tutorial

Here are some screenshots of the BBQuranExplorer.

This program is a free software. You can redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It may be used free of charge for personal, academic, government or non-profit use, so long as this copyright notice and the header above remain intact. Please also send us an email, and let us know if you face any problems. By using this program you agree to indemnify us from any liability.

This program is copyright © 2010 under GNU General Public License by INTEG Research Group, KICT, IIUM (