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In 2001, the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (Biro Pusat Statistik), estimated that 2.1 million children aged between 10-14 years old were forced to enter the labour market due to financial hardship.

Furthermore, UNICEF estimated that around 8 million children in Indonesia have dropped out of school as a result of the Indonesian economic crisis.

Moved by the above disheartening data, Dr. Teddy Mantoro, Dr. Media Ayu and others started to harness their ideas and came up with a vision : children are our future and academic education is a right rather than a privilege which will empower our children to face future challenges.

In order to share their vision with others, in September 2002, they established Mandalawangi Group.
Scholarship recipient from Serui, Papua

Mission and objective

A poster at UGM

Mandalawangi’s mission is to provide financial support to the under-privileged children in Indonesia in order to facilitate these children to remain at school so that they could achieve their highest education attainment.

The Group’s objective is to ultimately extend their support to all under-privileged children throughout Indonesia in years to come. However, the current priority is to scale up the Group’s support to those who live in conflict and disaster areas, those who live in remote or deserted areas, those who live in poverty and those who are orphans.


In the past eight years after its establishment, the Indonesian community at large in Australia has adopted Mandalawangi Group’s vision by supporting the sale of calling cards and by donating money to the Group.

All funds received have been distributed to deserving students in Indonesia at various levels, i.e. Primary, Secondary and High School students.

To date, a total of 623 scholarships have been distributed, including 5 scholarships this year (2016/17). [Will be updated soon]

Support Us

If you wish to support our mission and contribute in keeping the waiting list to a minimum, the following means are available:

Purchase one or more calling cards from the designated contacts (if you are in Australia). Please refer to Calling Cards and Donation List page (This small business is closed already, due to the changing technology).

You may contact us for further discussion.


For any queries regarding Mandalawangi Group and its activities, the following are our contact details :
    Email:   Mandalawangi Group  
    Phone: +61 406 074 590  

The contents of this website are updated regularly. Please visit us again in the future to keep up date with our news and activities.

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